About IDFD

iDfootballdesk or simply IDFD for IDentityFootballDesk is a Danish based company dealing in official and licensed football apparel, footwear, equipment, and merchandise. The main focus is to provide the customer with a highly personalized product through our vast range of different customization options.

In order to make this possible we work with a number of the biggest producers of athletic apparel in the world such as Puma, Adidas, Nike, Warrior, Macron, Astore, Hummel.

We also have long standing working relations with producers of name and number kits such as Sporting ID, Sipesa, Deko Graphics, Stilscreen, Monblason etc.

Physical presence:

We are based in small town in Denmark called Randers just north of Aarhus and part of the East Jutland metropolitan area.

Our offices and warehouse are located downtown in the very city center of the town.

MM Sports:

The name of the company is MM Sport. We have previously operated from the domains mmsports.com for the US English version and from mmsport.dk for the Danish language version. However, in order to update the brand and provide a more comtemporary name we decided to go out and look for a new domain name which would be the center for all of our activities regardless of language and location.

But just to clarify. MM Sports , IDFD, and idfootballdesk are all one and the same company. Only difference is the name itself. So if you have dealt with mmsports.com in the past and you would like to buy from this company again then do not hesitate to use the website at idfootballdesk.com

The organization behind is exactly the same as it used to be while the domain name used was still mmsports.com


The check out process is encrypted with an SSL certificate. The certificate has been issued to the company MM Sport since that is the official name of the company registered and in corporated in Denmark.

The company registration number is: DK 33 44 51 48

That is also the reason why the payment gateway brings up the name MM Sport rather than idfootballdesk.com

Payments through Pay Pal are also directed towards MM Sport rather than idfootballdesk

So the legal entity is MM Sport at all levels while the Internet identity is idfootballdesk because it is a more telling name and better for brand purposes.


Please be welcome to contact us by email. We will try to get back your query ASAP.